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Re: GUI Not Functional After Errors Reading Installation CD's


On Wednesday 31 January 2007 03:45, Steve Burtchin wrote:
> While installing packages there were lots of errors reading the
> installation CD's. Almost all flashed by too quick to see, but in the
> end, I got one message that stayed long enough to read:

The problems you describe are not really installation problems, but rather 
problems with your CD drive (or Linux support for it), or problems with 
the CDs you burned/bought.

From your comments it looks as if the installation itself was successful 
and that you do have a working system. You are just having problems 
accessing your CD drive and installing additional packages because of 

I suggest you ask for help on the debian-user mailing list. Other 
subscribers to that are in a better position to help you get the 
graphical environment set up than people on this list.

Good luck,

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