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Bug#407689: tasksel: Please consider adding a Development task for Etch

Op 22-01-2007 om 12:46 schreef peter green:
> Joey Hess 
> > This is why #266702 is still open. The fact that those default
> > C development tools are no longer in standard still doesn't make
> > "development" a sensible task. It's not the same class of thing as
> > running a web server or using a desktop, both of which can be
> > accomplished well, if not perfectly for everyone, with a predetermined
> > list of software.
> maybe development is the wrong name but even a task that just installed
> build-essential and the kernel headers would imo make things a lot
> easier for those stuck with unusual hardware or wanting to compile
> software that is not packaged off the bat (its not at all obvous to
> newbies that the package they need to make basic compilation work in
> one step is called build-essential and its pretty horrible getting
> compilation to work one package at a time).

Naming the task 'minimal C development' could make this BR succesfull.


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