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Bug#409061: Last package is OPENBSD-INETD.

Op 30-01-2007 om 17:28 schreef Holger Boller:
> Install tasks:          [E]
> Install boot loader:    [ ]
> Overall install:        [E]
> Comments/Problems: Install froze during or after packages install.  Last
> package is OPENBSD-INETD. 

At http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Today
is this text:
  [19 Jan 2007] Task installation can hang during installation of the
  netbase package for installs using static network configuration; see
  http://bugs.debian.org/407538 for details

> This occurred with three different mirrors.  I also tried both no and yes to
> package survey question.  Also tried base system and desktop and just base
> system.

Thank you for re-trying and especial for reporting the bug.
Taking the effort for doing so is appriciated.

This bugreport will be merged with the existing BR.

Geert Stappers

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