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Re: debian-installer

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> AFAIK, Robert "installation method" just grabs a kernel and initrd
> imagen and puts the specific configurations on boot.ini to load grub
> and then it chainload the installer itself. So if it's not asking it
> looks to be d-i related. Am I wrong Robert?

That's correct, it's just another bootloader, it does not affect d-i's
behavior once booted. And I can't reproduce any issues with the current
gtk netboot installer not asking for a mirror. Unless Brian's network has
dhcp preseeding configured to force it to use a particular mirror, I
can't see how what he describes could have actually happened. From the
report it sounds like Brian may be expecting d-i to ask a second time
for mirror info before running apt, after it's already asked a first
time before downloading d-i components.

see shy jo

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