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Bug#408206: warn/ask user about first accounts privs

package: debian-installer
severity: wishlist

On Friday 12 January 2007 09:47, dann frazier wrote:
> I personally was surprised to see that the first user was added to
> additional groups and, had I known that, there are times I would've
> elected not to create that user at that time. (Most of my installs are
> servers, where these default groups don't make sense). I'm curious if
> I'm the only experienced admin who didn't notice and is surprised.
> I do agree that its somewhat minor - the first user is usually going
> to be a person w/ root privs, and the group privs should normally be
> pretty safe - except when bugs like #404927 pop up.
> Maybe after etch I'll propse a patch that adds an extra checkbox
> (default to yes) that asks users (in expert mode) if they want to be
> added to a set of typical desktop user groups.

Please do :)


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