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Re: (forw) Bug#406897: kbd-chooser: keyboard problems (Turkish and perhaps Hebrew, Lithuanian and Latvian)

Quoting roktas (roktas@debian.org):

> I've got only one response from Kęstutis so far (thanks, BTW), stating that
> the same problem occurs with the Lithuanian keymap.  It looks like we
> should completely remove the mentioned workaround in kbd-chooser.  But
> first I should make sure that no regression will occur.  Could you guys
> please test your keymaps (Hebrew and Latvian) as soon as possible?  This
> issue should be resolved before the Etch release.

02:58 < fjp> bubulle: Also, heard from Lior yet re the kbd-chooser issue? Could you ping him again? If no
             response, my suggestion would still be to drop the workaround for all languages.

Lior and others, this is a re-ping.....we actually need an
answer. Anyway, there are high chances that we remove the workaround
for all languages.

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