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[D-I Manual] Support added to translate entities

As originally requested in #344048 and more recently by Christian, I have 
implemented (using a patch proposed by Miroslav) support to translate 
entities used in the installation guide.

The reason this has taken so long is that I initially also wanted to make 
&debian; and related entities translatable on implementation, but this 
requires major changes in both the definition and usage of entities (I've 
actually already requested feedback on this a couple of times).

I've now implemented it as there are a few existing entities that can 
benefit from this option, even if we don't yet use it on a really large 
scale. But the intention definitely is to extend the use of this! 
However, that will be after the release of Etch.
Eventually, this should not only help translations, but also reduce the 
diff for derived distributions who want to reuse the manual.

For further information, please see build/entities/l10n/README.
See build/entities/l10n/nl.ent for an example.

Please do *not* use this option for other entities than those suggested in 
the README file. If you do, you run a huge risk that things will change 
again and you'll be left with major updates.

And please _read_ the README file first.


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