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Bug#388290: more info on bogus recommends

Joey Hess:
> One way to see the recommands is to run aptitude --without-recommends in
> a fresh chroot. Some results.. I've marked packages that I feel are
> probably wrong to be pulled in via recommends with asterisks.
> aptitude --without-recommends install '~t^desktop$'

Aren't some of these recommended packages only alternatives? Are you
sure they will really be installed if run --with-recommends?

For example:

>   esound-clients *exim* exim4 *exim4-daemon-heavy* *exim4-daemon-light* fam gcc 

Which package recommends exim4-daemon-heavy?

$ grep-aptavail -nsPackage -FRecommends exim4-daemon-heavy

Can't be that one, because it's not in the desktop task.


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