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Bug#407222: Install problem

On Wednesday 17 January 2007 03:22, Daleschur@aol.com wrote:
> I am still unable to start the graphics part of my installation. My 
> computer will only boot to the command prompt to logon. Startx does
> nothing (no  such file or directory). When I run aptitude it shows the
> same packages in  the installed list and the not installed list. When I
> followed you instructions  it looked like it was working but the
> startup was no different. Should I uninstall all of the packages in
> aptitude first and follow your instructions  again? Dale Schurman

I am sorry, I missed the fact that you were installing Sarge, and not 

After the _first_ boot, you should have seen a continuation of the 
installation. By this I mean that another menu on a blue screen should be 
shown with questions about for example timezone and passwords.
If you did not get that, it looks like your installation is fairly 
seriously broken.

You should also have gotten a question about setting up sources for APT.
There you could choose your CDROM as a source and also select additional 
sources, including network mirrors. If you selected only the CDROM, it 
whether you can install the desktop or not depends what packages are 
actually available on the CDROM. Did you also select a network mirror?
What do you get if you type 'cat /etc/apt/sources/list' at the command 
You can add additional sources by using the 'apt-setup' command.

If all that is OK, you should also have seen an option to install the 
desktop task. If the desktop task is for some reason not (completely) 
installed, you can do that using aptitude.
Start 'aptitude', move down to the line "--- Tasks", hit <enter> to open 
it, move down to "--- End user", hit <enter> again.
You should now see a task "--- Desktop environment". Move down to that and 
hit <enter> again.
You should see about 20 packages listed under the task, including at least 
gdm, gnome, gnome-desktop-environment, kde, kde-core and 
Are all the listed packages installed?

I hope this helps.


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