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Bug#373704: sort -k does not count fields the same as gnu sort

On Saturday 13 January 2007 13:50, Frans Pop wrote:
> It looks like sorting with a specific delimiter set is completely
> broken. Tests were done inside Debian Installer.

I've tested the final patch by Goswin and can find no more issues or 
differences with GNU sort.
In some cases the use of -s is required to obtain the same output, but 
only in cases where the sort order is undetermined, which -s is exactly 
intended to solve.

Attached is a final version of the sort testsuite script. It includes all 
original tests (with some additional comments and minor changes) and a 
series of new tests that better cover real use cases.
All tests now PASS using both GNU sort and Busybox sort after Goswin's 
final patch has been applied.


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