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Bug#407103: installation-report: Issues installing on Toshiba laptop (A105)

reassign 407103 discover-data
retitle 407103 Does not detect Intel 950 ('945GM/GMS/940GML') correctly

On Tuesday 16 January 2007 08:17, David Shaver wrote:
> Subject: Issues installing on Toshiba laptop (A105)
> Package: linux-image-2.6.18-3-686 & other
> Version: 2.6.18-7
> Severity: normal (!?)

Please take care that you use correct package identifications and severity 
levels when filing installation reports. The following is nonsense and 
causes extra work for people on our side: "& other"; "(!?)".
These tags need to be correct for automatic processing of bug reports.

> 1) Multimedia card reader support modules apparently not available
> and/or turned on in kernel:
> 07:06.2 Mass storage controller: Texas Instruments 5-in-1 Multimedia
> Card Reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO/xD)
> 07:06.3 Generic system peripheral [0805]: Texas Instruments PCIxx12 SDA
> Standard Compliant SD Host Controller

Please provide output of 'lspci -nn' for these devices.

> various mmc errors:
> ... db4 kerlen: mmc0: Card is consuming too much power!
> ... db4 kernel: mmc0: Got command interrupt even though no command
> operation was in progress.

I have no idea what mmc is, but the fact that you get these messages seems 
to contradict your previous claim that modules are not loaded.

To be honest, I have no idea what a "Multimedia card" is and it would not 
surprise me if additional installation/configuration is needed to get it 
working after the regular install. Please try to get further information 
on the debian-user mailing list.
This does not seem to be an installation issue.

> attempts to install tifm_core & related modules fails.

Again, no idea what these are. Please ask for help on debian-user mailing 

> 2) lack of auto recognition for 3945 wireless on install (though
> managed to find & download multiple necessary packages later).

This requires non-free components which is not supported by the installer, 
so this seems correct.

> 3) kwlan gives errors wrt directory creation (unless I use it as root).
> Haven't been able to get it to use Ad Hoc connection successfully.

No idea again, but not an installation issue. Please ask on debian-user.

> 4) Suspend & hibernate not working properly. CPU fan appears to be
> working (though it turns on & off with some frequency).

Whether it works out-of-the-box depends on the hardware: some is better 
supported than others. In most cases it needs extra configuration or 
tuning. It is currently not a goal for the installer to set this up 
correctly. Again, ask for help on debian-user.

> 5) Random keys issue(s) when using 'vi' & arrow keys, etc. Though >
> 40megs worth of 'locale' information appear to be installed, apparently
> doesn't allow keyboard to be fully functional (same when xferred to
> a desktop machine). Apparently proper mappings not automatically
> determined.

Try installing the package 'vim'.

> 6) Intel 950 ('945GM/GMS/940GML') display not automatically identified
> (uses 'vesa'); x configuration didn't ask, either (!?).

Please provide 'lspci -nn' output for this device. I assume the i810 
driver would be better? Did you try editing your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and 
changing the driver in the Device section to that?

This looks like the only issue that can actually be resolved. Reassigning 
to the proper package for that.

> 7) Garbaged graphics display when starting up & shutting down X.

Possibly related to previous issue.

Thank you for your report. Good luck with getting the remaining issues 
sorted out. If you can identify any real, specific bugs, feel free to 
file new bug reports about them, but all in all this looks like a 
successful installation to me.


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