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Bug#406971: found kind of solution

On Monday 15 January 2007 16:08, Philipp Hübner @ SLZ wrote:
> I installed the 686-kernel afterwards, rebooted with the 686-kernel,
> and now it's running.

That is weird. You are basically contradicting your original report here 
as you are now saying that the identical (?) 2.6.18 686 kernel _is_ 

I'm afraid that the only person who can provide more insight into what's 
happening here is you, as you have the hardware.
Are there any differences between the situation after the installation and 
now (maybe a difference in the initrd, or in modules loaded).

Have you tired googling for the error messages you saw initially?

Please also provide 'lspci -nn' output next time you file a report of 
hardware related issues. At least we then know exactly what hardware 
we're talking about.

Without additional information I don't see what else we can do with this 


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