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Re: Choice of default browser for etch

Loïc Minier wrote:
>  There's a small thread on the subject which initiated this discussion
>  on debian-devel@:
>     <http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2007/01/threads.html#00448>
>  The current situation is problematic for two reasons:
>  - a lot of people think that epiphany should be installed by default
>    and the default browser
>  - the default gnome-panel and preferred applications reference epiphany
>    which currently doesn't get installed

It's never been the intention not to install epiphany. If this is
broken, it will be fixed ASAP. And gnome should use its standard browser
as the default in Debian.

(The fact that the desktop task keeps breaking during the "freeze" is
not making me very happy, BTW.)

>  I deliberately list two browsers as my first choice, but I don't
>  actually use any of the two: I use Galeon. :)  I do think Epiphany
>  makes sense as the default browser, but IceWeasel should be easily
>  accessible for people used to Firefox.

The intention of installing firefox has always been that, since 90% of
the even semi-technical users out there know about firefox and it's currently
extremely popular, users will be pleased to see it available on their 
their desktop. I am so far unsure if this applies once it's been
renamed to a name that many users will be unfamiliar with, but until I
get feedback from users, I won't know. (I have no feedback yet, since
firefox is still in etch, and iceweasel is not yet in etch.)

see shy jo, currently an epiphany user FWIW

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