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Re: Choice of default browser for etch

Well ... in one word: epiphany.


 - integrated with gnome.
 - faster
 - simple
 - People will use it like they use firefox, because it's behavior is
the same.
 - users who wish firefox/iceweasel can install it also.
 - the patch available (from the BR) seems to make sense.

firefox/iceweasel is a browser designed for other systems than *nix, not
using the shared libraries available. Therefor, it is slow and a dead
weight. Epiphany is well integrated with gnome and, has a gnome user, is
should be the default.
epiphany does not have the support for extensions, but it is better not
to have extensions than provide a slow browser to the users.

Users who wish can easily install iceweasel-gnome-support.

Ter, 2007-01-16 às 12:20 +0100, Loïc Minier escreveu:
> reassign 370098 tasksel
> stop
>         Hi,
>  I'm reassigning #370098 to tasksel for discussion of the default
>  browser in the default desktop task (GNOME).
>  #370098 has some small discussions on the topic, but the problems in
>  gnome-desktop-environment have been addressed (the package depends on
>  "epiphany-browser (>= | gnome-www-browser" which will pull
>  epiphany-browser unless one of galeon or iceweasel-gnome-support has
>  been selected already).  I think the current Depends are ok.
>  There's a small thread on the subject which initiated this discussion
>  on debian-devel@:
>     <http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2007/01/threads.html#00448>
>  The current situation is problematic for two reasons:
>  - a lot of people think that epiphany should be installed by default
>    and the default browser
>  - the default gnome-panel and preferred applications reference epiphany
>    which currently doesn't get installed
>  I followed the debate on firefox versus epiphany on the Ubuntu lists,
>  and I think the biggest arguments back then were the number of features
>  Firefox had that Epiphany lacked and the name "Firefox" being popular.
>  Today, I think these arguments need to be revisited as Epiphany gained
>  features and plenty of plugins, and Firefox was renamed to IceWeasel.
>  I don't know who and how we will decide what the default browser will
>  be (a poll? :), but my order of preference for installed browsers in
>  default installs would be:
>  1) epiphany + iceweasel
>  2) epiphany
>  3) iceweasel
>  I deliberately list two browsers as my first choice, but I don't
>  actually use any of the two: I use Galeon. :)  I do think Epiphany
>  makes sense as the default browser, but IceWeasel should be easily
>  accessible for people used to Firefox.
>  Once this is decided and implemented, we probably will have to update
>  the default gnome-panel layout (to list firefox or to unlist epiphany),
>  and/or the default browser.  Please clone this bug once tasksel has
>  been updated with the final decision.
>  As a related technical implementation note, the default browser could
>  be sensible-browser would the patch in #351901 be applied (will soon
>  hit its first anniversary!).  Or we could move to gnome-www-browser,
>  but I prefer the former.
>    Bye,
> -- 
> Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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