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Bug#406911: user-setup: last set of bugfixes stops passwd/make-user=false from working

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> frans,
> why is functions.sh returning '1' if the file $ROOT/etc/passwd exists,
> in both the is_system_user and root_password functions?
> surely this should be 0 in both instances?

Er, it's not:

        if ! [ -e $ROOT/etc/passwd ]; then
                return 1

This returns 1 if it _doesn't_ exist.

> especially look at like 47 of user-setup-ask - it says if [ !  root_password]

                elif ! root_password; then

So if there's no $ROOT/etc/password, root_password will return false,
and this confitional will succeed, and it will go on to check for a
preseeded root password. Seems like the right thing to do..

see shy jo

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