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Re: Bugs in default GNOME etch?

Le mardi 16 janvier 2007 à 11:22 +0200, Eddy Petrișor a écrit :
> > Epiphany is not installed by default? If this is the case, I consider it
> > a very important bug in debian-installer.
> Hmm, AFAIR, it wasn't two weeks ago, and I thought *this* was intentional and was happy about it.

On our side, it is not. We have spent efforts in providing an integrated
environment, and this includes epiphany as the default browser, not a
half-assed browser designed for Windows and customised with GNOME

Until recently, d-i was installing both epiphany and firefox, the reason
being "Windows users know firefox". If epiphany doesn't get installed
anymore, this is making things even worse. And now that we have moved to
iceweasel, the Windows argument doesn't hold anymore.

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