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NIC not detected during 3.1r4 linux26 install

I am trying my first Debian install on a new desktop using the
31r4-i386-netinst CD.  I start with options "linux26 acpi=off".  When it gets
to detecting hardware, it says "No Ethernet card was detected".  If I
manually select driver "e100: Intel PRO/100 Ethernet", the error repeats.
Booting with no options (i.e. 2.4 kernel), the same problem occurs but I am
offered the chance to pass e100 parameters.  But I want the 2.6 kernel.

The NIC is on the Intel D946GZIS motherboard; the manual calls it an Intel
82562G PLC.

The NIC works when I boot from the XP partition.  The XP device manager
reports it as:
  Intel PRO/100 VE at PCI bus 4, device 8, function 0
  Memory Range 90000000-90000FFF, I/O Range 1000-103F, IRQ 20
  driver (e100b325)

I also have a working Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) partition that sees the NIC.  lsmod
shows driver e100 loaded.  /proc/interrupts shows:
  50:  63  IO-APIC-level  eth0

(I gave up on Edgy for other reasons and am now trying to install Debian over

Debian bug 334754 seems to describe a similar situation and says it was fixed
in a newer discover1-data.  I don't know if that would fix it or how I would
invoke the new discover1-data from the netinst CD.

I would welcome suggestions on how to have the netinst install recognize the
NIC.  Thanks.

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