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Re: D-I Manual - Last call: only one week left (deadline: Jan 22)

On Thursday 28 December 2006 03:00, Frans Pop wrote:
> ================
> Jan 15: Initial upload
> Jan 21: Last chance to commit translation updates
> Jan 22: Second upload, final version for the release

Currently the following translations are complete:
cs, de, fr, it, ja, pt_BR, ru, sv, zh_CN

These translations will certainly be included in the initial upload 
tomorrow. Thanks for the hard work.

The new Hungarian translation stands at 79%, but has a smart translator 
who has managed to get the i386 variant of the manual to almost 100% 
which makes it suitable for release. I've mailed to the l10n list with a 
list of things that still should be done.

Vietnamese is currently at 95%. I hope Clytie will manage to complete this 
before tomorrow, but I certainly expect no problems for next week.

Finnish stands at 87% and may not make it due to personal circumstances of 
the translator, which is very unfortunate.

Most worrysome are the following translations:
- Spanish: 50+ files needing update (some new)
- Brazilian: 60 files needing update (some new)
- Greek: 84%
- Korean: 84%
- Traditional Chinese (zh_TW): 63%

I expect Spanish and Brazilian to make it in time (knowing their 
translators), but please get started with your updates if you want your 
translation included on Etch installation CDs.


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