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Re: miboot floppies from layer-acht

Op 13-01-2007 om 23:00 schreef rob rob:
> Hello,
> [ good introduction ]
> I get the following message:
> No filesystem could mount root, tried cramfs
> Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 
> unknown-block(1,0)
> Also strange is when I put the image on floppy it's 1.3 MB but when I check 
> it,after it's 1.5M:
> rob@dude:~$ dd if=root.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1024; sync
> 1307+1 records in
> 1307+1 records out
> 1339223 bytes (1.3 MB) copied, 105.846 seconds, 12.7 kB/s
> rob@dude:~$ dd if=/dev/fd0 of=my_floppy.img bs=1024
> 1440+0 records in
> 1440+0 records out
> 1474560 bytes (1.5 MB) copied, 46.534 seconds, 31.7 kB/s

The tool dd is a copy tool, not a checking tool.

The first dd copies a (small) file to a floppy.
The second dd, the presumed check, copies the _whole_ floppy to a file.

That explains the difference in size ...

> Now on to the actual subject of this mail. Holger Levsen was so nice as to 
> <bigsnip/>
> I would appreciate any tips on how to get quik working with layer-acht 
> floppies, just to prove it's possible. I'm also always up for testing the 
> ~wouter floppies if there are any changes made there.

Tip that I can give, is that you are asking _the right_ mailinglist.


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