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Bug#406620: R: Bug#406620: user-setup: Failed to ask its questions when run during default install

On Saturday 13 January 2007 07:53, Benelli Luca wrote:
> I don't know when the server will go into production, so i'm not sure
> how many tests we can do, at the moment it's still a clean install and
> it will probably need to be reinstalled as debian 3.1 (using HPDE
> installers) so i think i should have the time to retry the 4.0 RC1
> install...


> As to partitioning: the disks were already partitioned due to earlier
> tests with sarge, i just assigned the mount points, tried to run the
> installer and it told me i had an already installed system (installing
> on an unclean system could lead to problems blah blah), i then went
> back to partitioning and chose the format partition option for all
> partitions i created an installed.

Yes, that is what I suspected.

> Please let me know what could be required as testing should i
> reinstall. Simply reinstall as i did this time? anything particular to
> look at?

Initially just see if you can reproduce the problem. So, yes, try to 
duplicate the install as much as possible: making the same choices.
Check the log to see if it looks the same at the point I pointed out.

If you can reproduce it, we can trace the issue by doing one more install 
with some debugging enabled. To enable debugging, you need to add a 
line 'set -x' near the top of two scripts _before_ user-setup is being 
run (for example during partitioning); switch to VT2 and use nano to edit 
the scripts:
- /var/lib/dpkg/info/user-setup.postinst
- /usr/bin/user-setup-ask

If you prefer, you can also enable this debugging during the first retry, 
but I think it is better to see if you can reproduce the problem first.


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