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Re: Debian has failed us

Mathew Binkley wrote:
> I did, by downloading the latest Debian Etch testing iso (which was
> regenerated on January 8, three days ago)

By that date I can intuit that you downloaded a full size CD image, all
of which still have the rc1 installer on them. If you had wanted to get
a newer version of the installer that contained a fix for your problem,
you should have downloaded one of the daily built netinst images. This
is fairly clearly explained on our web site:

	If you'd like something newer to help us test a future release
	of the installer, or because of hardware problems or other
	issues, try one of these daily built images which contain the
	latest available version of installer components. 

	* netinst CD image (100-150 MB) 

As far as I can see, the problem you reported is fixed in that image 
and will be fully deployed with etch.

> I did not send my previous email (nor this one) to start a flamewar.

IMHO you don't understand email conversation or motivating people very
well. Good luck with your new distribution.

see shy jo

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