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Re: Debian has failed us

On Thursday 11 January 2007 18:40, Mathew Binkley wrote:
> Our current cluster is divided between 840 Intel/AMD x86 processors,
> and 672 IBM PowerPC 970FX processors.  To date, we have required
> different operating systems on each architecture because of poor OS
> support for the PowerPC's.

> Etch supports PowerPC's running in 64-bit mode, so I was eager to try
> it on our cluster several months ago.  I uncovered a small bug in the
> installer (the AMD 74xx driver was not compiled in the debian-installer
> kernel) which prevented me from installing Debian, and reported it to

False: it was not compiled into the standard Debian kernel. The installer
does not use custom kernels. This was explained to you at the time.

> the PowerPC list in September 2006.  I was promised that the driver
> would be included shortly.

Please check your facts before sending such mails:
# dpkg -c ide-modules-2.6.18-3-powerpc64-di_1.26_powerpc.udeb | grep 74xx
-rw-r--r-- root/root     31848 2006-12-10 18:43 ./lib/modules/2.6.18-3-powerpc64/kernel/drivers/ide/pci/amd74xx.ko

The daily build Etch images have been using this udeb for a bit more than
a month. The delay in getting the module included in the installer has
been completely on the side of the regular kernel package, and not the

Other images (RC1, weekly builds) do not yet have the module because we
(the installer team) are still waiting for the kernel team to upload a
new 2.6.18 kernel before we can work on our own next release.

I'll ignore the rest of your rant as it is obviously based on false


P.S. Some apologies would be appreciated.

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