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Re: Debian has failed us

Frans Pop wrote:

> And we are supposed to guess that by telepathic means or something?

No.  However, if the bug wasn't fixed when I asked in September and
October, it won't magically vanish in the intervening time.

> Please file a new installation report [1] including (gzipped!) 

Since the bug report hasn't changed since my initial bug report, you may
try that.  Those blades are now running RHEL 5.  Debian lost its

> Note: if you are really interested in solving this issue, I suggest we 
> discontinue this useless thread and stop bothering a lot of people who 
> can't help you anyway

I am not interested in solving this "issue".  As I said previously,
we're not considering Debian any more.  It's a dead issue.

What I am interested in, as a long-time Debian user, is solving the
greater issue of real-world Debian problems not being solved because
some developers have raging egos and can't get along.

Thus I am including the people who have a chance to change that.  Debian
may never die as a distribution, but it's heading down the road towards
losing it's relevance because of issues like this, and that's sad.


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