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Bug#406483: System fails to boot after installation

severity 406483 normal
retitle 406483 System fails to boot after installation

On Thursday 11 January 2007 15:19, Grzegorz Szyszło wrote:
> Severity: critical

A simple failure to reboot is not a critical issue, especially not if it 
only happens for one user.

> This report is about current (see email date) floppy installation.

Just to be sure: from which _exact_ location did you download the floppy 
images? Please give the _full_ URL.
What kernel version does the installer use?

> I make 4 installation etch diskettes. All processess after flopy boot
> works ok, hard drive is detected properly, partitioning, detect network
> ok, getting packages from network ok, preparing filesystems and base
> installs ok. When is time to reboot after base install, i do it.

OK, so we have a successful installation. Good.

> After boot system properly boot kernel and initrd, and .... hang. Last
> kernel message is detect IDE devices and CD drive. Then system wait for
> nothing. I can do alt+ctrl+del to reboot, and situation repeat again.

OK, so there is a problem here. The fact that you can still press 
ctrl-alt-del means that the system is not completely hung. It is more 
probably that it is waiting for a long timeout.

To help you solve this, we need two things:
- reinstall the system again using the same method and, after the reboot,
  *wait really, really long* (at least 5 minutes) to see if anything
  more happens;
- give us _all_ and the _exact_ messages that are visible on the monitor
  when the boot "hangs".

The reboot problem can almost certainly be solved, but you will have to 
provide us with the information we ask and you will have to be patient.

The most likely cause of the reboot failure is the issue listed at the top 
of http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/errata.


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