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Re: XF86Config mentioned in installation guide to etch

On Monday 08 January 2007 07:40, Anders Lennartsson wrote:
> I just noted that the configuration file for X is called XF86Config or
> XF86Config at some places in the sources for the installation guide to
> etch. For instance the english version (and others in xml-format) has
> this wording in trunk/manual/en/appendix/files.xml, and the languages
> with po-files have them in random-bits.po.

I came across that too very recently. I agree that it needs to be updated, 
but I'm unsure if just replacing the name of the config file is correct.

IMO the whole section needs to be checked for validity and until that is 
done it is more clear to leave the outdated configuration file.
Currently I have no idea if the instructions for using gpm still work and 
AFAIK /dev/psaux is fairly obsolete as mouse device (should be
/dev/input/mice) although /dev/psaux may still be used for touchpads.


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