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Bug#394929: [Etch] installation-guide-i386 - several steps are misleading or cannot be finished

On Sunday 07 January 2007 11:45, Wiktor Wandachowicz wrote:
> 1) All was great until I came to the "resolv.conf" part.
> First, the "search hqdom.local\000" notation is very strange to me.
> Debian installer sets this differently - there's no "\000" at the end.

No idea where the \000 originally came from. Removed.

> 3) Putting the recommended lines for GRUB in /etc/kernel-img.conf:
> postinst_hook = update-grub
> postrm_hook   = update-grub
> left the installed kernel image unconfigured, as there was no boot
> loader installed at this point (yet!), so "update-grub" was an unknown
> command at this time. I struggled a bit to resolve this problem, and
> finally I succeded.

Moved instructions for this to later subsection about bootloader 

> 4) Installation of grub from inside the chroot is tricky beyond
> comprehension. Shortly speaking: it never works (for me, at least).
> Yet, the d-i does a good job and installs it without problems. Using my
> previously described workarounds helped here once again.
> chroot /target grub-install --recheck --no-floppy "(hd0)"
> and it works!

No idea about this. I first added "--recheck --no-floppy" to the 
instructions, but I doubt that is it so I removed that again. D-I makes 
sure certain things in the chroot are set correctly, and can do that 
because it knows the D-I environment and the chroot are sufficiently 
For chroot installs the user has to figure out things for himself a bit 
more. I'm not going to worry about this for now, especially as the manual 
is to be frozen today in preparation for Etch.

Thanks again for your work on this.

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