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Bug#394929: [Etch] installation-guide-i386 - several steps are misleading or cannot be finished

It turned out that some information that I received was partially
incorrect. A default file is created, but with only one option.
I observed exactly this behaviour: only one option (debootstrap)
vs. many useful options (netinst).

I've decided to add an example file (with safe defaults)
after all and elaborated a bit more on it.

For the latest version of the appendix see:

Thanks for the work you've done. Now I intend to do two installations:

1) using the RC1 netinst image, as described in:

2) using the deboostrap method from the aforementioned updated appendix
D.3. Installing Debian GNU/Linux from a Unix/Linux System

Then I'm going to compare the results and post my further comments to
this bug. I'm not sure yet which host system I'm going to use in case 2),
but I will surely report that.

Wiktor Wandachowicz

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