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Bug#404907: installation-report: winxp to debian etch migration

On 1/6/07, David Härdeman wrote:
Many of the issues that you bring up
require changes that would need to be implemented in a later version of
the installer.

i understand that Etch is pretty much done.  i didn't expect anything
to get done right away, i just felt like my report was going to end up
being a waste of my time because i didn't hear anything back and
thought what i said didn't matter to anyone.

3) ntfs-3g driver

Is a beta driver, and scheduled to be merged into the "official" drivers
once it is deemed stable enough by its own developers. To add support
for it now would be premature (IMHO)

well, i don't think the installer team should delay work on
migrateability just because ntfs-3g needs to mature more.  perhaps a
migration install (starting with Lenny) could be made available via an
install boot option while it is worked on and while we're waiting for
more confidence in the ntfs-3g driver.  the people that want to try
out the bleeding edge stuff can give it a shot, test it, break it, and
report on it.  when deemed ready, the work can be quickly made
available as part of the default install.  you can't imagine how much
this would simplify migration and thus increase the potential debian

4) Sharing email between windows and Linux

Once again, this is an application-specific issue and not something for
the installer team. In addition, it would depend on a writable
partition, and thus depends on the ntfs-3g driver mentioned above.

it is a pain in the neck (primarily due to microsoft's continual use
of binary formats).  i do think that part of the job is for the
installer team because if mail is set up correctly during
installation, then user will find the barrier much lower when
converting.  someone needs to be put on the task of getting mail
migration working flawlessly via readpst and the mail readers.

So, it is not that your bug report is ignored, but rather that some
issues are outside the scope of the installer and some are not possible
to fix within the current Etch release timeframe.

i think everything i said was applicable to installation -- because
the installer should do all migration tasks automatically.  if you
make the average user think or feel uncomfortable, it's over.

thank you for responding so promptly.


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