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Bug#404907: installation-report: winxp to debian etch migration

On Sat, Jan 06, 2007 at 06:14:08PM -0500, Michael Gilbert wrote:
i am disappointed that no one cares about this report.  i put a lot of
work into it and had hoped it would be useful...

It's not that noone cares, but rather that we are pretty late in the game to get a release out the door. Many of the issues that you bring up require changes that would need to be implemented in a later version of the installer.

Some feedback on points that you've brought up:

1) network not being brought up correctly after reboot I believe this to be a temporary error, I experienced similar behaviour recently and a updated set of packages fixed it...not sure exactly what the problem was though

2) binary codecs and plugins

This is beyond the scope of the installer team, binary codecs, drivers, etc are a distribution-wide (and OSS-wide issue).

3) ntfs-3g driver

Is a beta driver, and scheduled to be merged into the "official" drivers once it is deemed stable enough by its own developers. To add support for it now would be premature (IMHO)

4) Sharing email between windows and Linux

Once again, this is an application-specific issue and not something for the installer team. In addition, it would depend on a writable partition, and thus depends on the ntfs-3g driver mentioned above.

So, it is not that your bug report is ignored, but rather that some issues are outside the scope of the installer and some are not possible to fix within the current Etch release timeframe.

David Härdeman

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