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Bug#403346: installation-report: Creates mails that are way too big and never make the list

On Friday 05 January 2007 02:30, Joey Hess wrote:
> Well, I'd hate to miss the syslog, it's invaluable when there's a
> problem. Perhaps the last N lines could be included, where N is
> sufficiently large to include most syslogs.

Is it really that important?
It is only (optionally!) included if reportbug is used, which means that 
the install was more or less successful. It also means that the syslog 
will still (at least in most cases) be available to be requested later.

It also means that if reportbug is run on a different system from the one 
where a (failed) installation was done, we may get the wrong logs.

Personally I find these extremely long mails when logs are included very 
annoying when reading installation reports as mail, and even more so when 
reviewing reports in the BTS.

I have no objection at all to including logs if they could be attached as 
compressed files, but I see a lot more downsides to including them 
in-line than I see advantages.
Let's just work on getting them as attachments ASAP for Lenny.

(Maybe we could even extend the reportbug script to wget info from a box 
still running a (failed) install :-)

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