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Bug#403346: installation-report: Creates mails that are way too big and never make the list

On Tuesday 02 January 2007 22:23, Joey Hess wrote:
> I don't think that the serious severity is approprate for t his report,
> unless it's causing actual data loss (if so, it should be grave). Posts
> not getting through to a mailing list is not data loss, if they make it
> to the BTS.

IMO it is justified as "not suitable for release in view of maintainer".
Having bug reports in the BTS is useless if no-one ever seems them and we 
basically only reply to reports when we see them on the mailing list, not 
if they only make it into the BTS.

So, a program that results in BRs that end up only in the BTS and not in 
the mailing list, is IMHO not suitable for release.

> Geert's idea is a good one. Or we could just disable some logs, for
> example, the partman log tends to be about half the total logs; in
> liw's report, it was 63% of the complete message. And we rarely if ever
> use that log.

Yes, I suggested the same in my other mail, but I'd disable syslog as well 
as its size is indeterminate and so could still result in us missing the 
installation report.

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