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Re: [FYI] debian-installer for SONY PS3

YAEGASHI Takeshi wrote:
> Thanks for seeing my sites.

I've been eagerly looking forward to Kenshi's post ever since I saw his
original blog entry in Japanese. Babelfish only whetted my appetite. :-)

> Joey Hess wrote:
> > If Takeshi is interested in commit access to the d-i subversion repository,
> > I feel that this easily justifies it. Then he could keep his patches in
> > a branch and work on merging things in as appropriate.
> >
> > I've taken an initial look at the patch, and I feel the following hunks
> > could be applied as-is without problems to d-i trunk, although we might
> > prefer to wait until there is a post-etch branch to avoid
> > destabilisation. Not that I feel there's much risk, most of these changes
> > are minor.
> Agreed.  It's desirable to get things in the upstream repository
> to provide other developers easy way to build a working image
> and track changes.
> If granted to have a dedicated branch, I'll keep it there.

I've added yaegashi to the project on alioth. The branch would be
under people/yaegashi in svn. Commits to /trunk for this should be
avoided until fjp has blessed it or etch is released.

> > -os-prober
> > +parted-udeb ?
> > +os-prober ?
> > 
> > As far as I can see, these should be available for the ps3 image too,
> > so no need to mark them as optional?
> Somehow d-i build fails in getting os-prober udeb, so I made it
> optional.

Interesting, can you show me a log?

see shy jo

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