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Bug#403706: Re: Bug#403706: allow-hotplug and udev

> I'm not convinced this really is RC, especially not if the most severe
> issue can be fixed in udev. For one, it is fairly easy to document and
> fix by an admin based on that documentation.

IMHO, it depends on whether any remaining failure mode can make it impossible
to get into the box and fix the problem.

BTW, in this article, a nslu2 was installed with d-i, worked fine for a while,
and then failed to come up on the network on boot.. possibly because of the
udev race while fscking, though it's hard to tell:
Note the pain that ensued, also note that the naive fix of reinstalling
the box wouldn't have worked.

> My first reaction on this solution was the same as MD's comment on IRC:
> it's a hack and such a config is probably undefined.

It seems perfectly well defined to me.

auto = bring up the interface automatically on boot if possible
allow-hotplug = bring up the interface if it's hotplugged

I don't see any reason why these two can't be combined, ifupdown behaves
perfectly reasonably when the union of the two behaviors is requested.

see shy jo

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