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Bug#405129: installation-reports: No message displayed if there is not enough space for the installation.

On Tuesday 02 January 2007 03:49, alex wrote:
> I installed the Spanish version, but it would be something like the
> Desktop (first option in the menu) + Standard (last option).
> > That means (installed + download):
> > Standard: 197 + 60
> > Desktop + Laptop: 1272 + 421 (Laptop adds only about 6 MB)
> >
> > Grand total: 1950MB

That reminds me that we probably should also allow for the localization 
tasks in the check. These add up to 350MB (rough check), which brings us 
up to a final grand total of 2300MB.

I guess it should be possible to check if a localization task exists for 
the language being installed and adjust the free space check accordingly.

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