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D-I Manual - Call to start updating translations (deadline: Jan 22)

Hi all,

Guess you must already have been expecting this for some time...

With Etch now really approaching, it is time to get the manual into shape 
for the release. Over the past few days I've been working down the 
backlog in my mailbox, and most updates should be done now.

IMHO the manual is in better shape then it was for Etch, although 
unfortunately the planned structural changes still have not materialized.

Many thanks for the many comments and suggestions we've received from 
translators, especially Clytie, Holger, Philippe and Tapio.
You, as translators, are probably the people who "read" changes most 
intensively and are thus best placed to catch our stupid errors.

I still have some changes planned:
- there is a request for review open for a new section on mail system
  configuration (http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i/ch08s05.html); this
  should be committed this week though;
- we still need to add at least some basic documentation about the
  Graphical Installer;
- some updates are needed of facts and figures;
- quick general review to try to catch things that obviously
- some minor additions in the troubleshooting section;
- possibly move information about task sizes and extend the pkgsel
  section a bit;
- possibly some updates by porters.

This should all be done by the end of this week though.

I'd like to make the timeline for the release of the manual as follows.

Dec 31: Finalized version for Etch release
Jan  1: Soft string freeze (minor corrections still possible)
        Comments from translators very welcome in this week!
Jan  8: Hard string freeze
Jan 15: Initial upload
Jan 21: Last chance to commit translation updates
Jan 22: Second upload, final version for the release

This leaves almost four weeks to get translations to 100%. As there are 
quite a few updates open, please start updating ASAP.
Same rules to be included in the release apply as for the last releases:
- translations are only included if they are at 100%
- certain exceptions are possible, but need to be discussed and approved

Note that we will again continue to update the manual for Etch after the 
release, just as we did for Sarge.

The daily build scripts have been changes so that the general stats for 
PO-based translations are now also listed on the development page of the 
manual: http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/

Most translations are in pretty good shape. The ones that look in need of 
revival are:
- Korean
- Greek
- Chinese (traditional)

The new Hungarian translation will need a very good sprint in order to 
make it in time for Etch.


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