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Bug#403778: installation-report: sudo password not specified

Max Hyre wrote:
> When asked whether to allow root to login, the information specifies
> that `sudo' will be used for rootish things, but doesn't mention that
> the password is the user's own.

I would have thought that this would be obvious, since:

* When installing this way, you give the installer only one password.
* It's documented on sudo's man page as the default behavior of sudo.

> o Wishlist:  For extant partitions, allow a ``Install right over
>   whatever's already in the partition, durn it!'' option for when I've
>   got stuff there I want to keep, even if said stuff is in /etc or /usr.

If you really want to do it, you can manually tell the parititioner to
keep the existing content of partitions, and when it asks "Proceed with
installation to unclean target?", and you can force it to continue and
do that.

see shy jo

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