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Bug#403346: installation-report: Creates mails that are way too big and never make the list

Package: installation-report
Version: 2.24
Severity: important

Because installation-report attaches all log files uncompressed, we are 
missing _a lot_ of installation reports on the debian-boot list.

The mailing lists have a default size limit set of 102400. For debian-boot 
this has already been increased to 204800.

However, take for example #401778. This report has a total size of 
2000910, mostly due to syslog and in this case especially the partman 

IMHO missing installation reports for this reason is not acceptable.

Alternative solution is of course increasing the size limit for the 
debian-boot list again, but I also feel that mails that are too big are a 
problem in themselves. Not in the least because they make reading them 
from the web interface practically impossible.

Two possible solutions are:
- not including files that can get huge by default
- gzipping the files and attaching them instead of including them as plain

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