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Scheduling linux-2.6 2.6.18-9


I would like to schedule the upload of the next linux-2.6 2.6.18
version, with the following changes:

1. new vserver patch, breaks ABI
2. new Xen patch
3. Activate PAE on i386 Xen subarch, breaks ABI
4. arm changes
5. ABI breaking patch (Honour source routing for LVS-NAT)

This update bears 3 ABI breaking changes. While the vserver patch might
be adaptable, the PAE migration of i386 Xen is not. But we need this
change as a workaround for #399113, otherwise the i386 Xen kernels will 
be broken in the release, and require an immediate update.
And since we are already planning an ABI bump, we can add the missing
changeset of, too.

2 more things are outstanding:

1. a new orig.tar.gz without undistributable firmwares, in order to
   satisfy the recent GR on this issue
2. amd64 kernels for i386

We still have some work to do, in order to get these done in time.

Question towards the boot and release teams: is this OK with you? I know
this means a further delay of etch because of another round of udebs 
and various changes in the installer configs, but the Xen issue is odd 
and really needs a fix. 

The upload should be scheduled for Tuesday, unless someone vetoes.

If you have any last minute changes which are that important they cannot 
wait for the first point release kernel, please list them here so we can
discuss them.

Best regards
Frederik Schueler


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