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Bug#401685: DirectFB should always use the vesa fb device on i386

Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:


Today i had the chance to test the g-i on my friend's laptop, who yesterday reported g-i crash and swapped fb0 fb1 devices (actually he owns a GeForce 6200 Go) I repeated the test using the very same ISO as yesterday and, this time, vesa was correctly mapped fb0 and g-i booted successfully. We tried many times both cold and warm-booting, after X had started, but could not reproduce the crash nor the fb0/1 swap. Note that yesterday's crash happened even if fb1 was sait to be vesa and "fbdev=/dev/fb1" was set in directfbrc. Hence, i believe it's safer patching the S60frontend script so that the GTK frontend, on i386 and AMD64, is started iff fb0 is vesa. A patch for rootskel which supersedes previous one for rootskel-gtk is attached, but please verify correctness of line

if [ subarch=="i386/generic" ] || [ subarch=="amd64/generic" ] ; then

I wanted to test this patch, but as i don't have I82810 board i simulated vesafb failure by removing "video=vesa ..." from isolinux.conf with a test miniiso and the patch did its work. I so built a miniiso [1] including the patch: Fabrice now you should able to boot this iso and automatically fallback to the classical textual interface. In the syslog a line should exist saying "Vesa fb not found, graphical frontend disabled ...".



[1] https://debian.polito.it/downloads/mini_vesa_check.iso

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