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Re: Fwd: How do I trim the base installation from within the businesscard cd? (Ultra minimal install)

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> Ottavio Caruso <pr0f3ss0r1492@yahoo.com> writes:
> >> I believe that one can trim down a standard debootstrap
> >> installation(currently 180MB for sarge and over 230 MB for etch)

> >> hacking  one of the related scripts (eg: 
> >> usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/sarge) and
> >> modifying the 'base' variable, e.g.:
> >> 
> >> base="adduser apt apt-utils libdb4.2 at [... snip ...]"
> >> 
> >> As the debian-installer uses debootstrap, I have booted the
> >> business card install cd and started a shell but couldn't find 
> >> debootstrap nor any related scripts. But debootstrap-udeb has 
> >> definitely such scripts.
> >> Where are they, and how can I access them from the b.c. cd or
> >> gtk iso??
> >> 
> >> I know I could trim the installation later with deborphan or
> >> aptitude, but it wouldn't be fun. Any help appreciated.
> You can put the /cdrom/.disk/base_include and
> /cdrom/.disk/base_exclude files.

Thank Otavio,

my understanding was that 'base_include' adds extra packages to the
installed base, and doesn't replace it. As from a old post:

>From: Joey Hess
> .disk/base_include and .disk/base_exclude can be included on CD
> If base-installer finds them, it will use the contents of the files
> generate --include and --exclude parameters which are passed to
> debootstrap. The files just list debian packages, one per line;
> beginning with a # are ignored as comments. Thus you can force
> debootstrap to install extra packages that are on the CD, or
> others that it would usually install.
> .disk/base_components can also be on a CD. If it is, it is
> much as are base_include and base_exclude, and is used to form a
> --components parameter that is passed to debootstrap. If it's not
> present, base-installer currently passes --components=* to
> I don't know if that actually works. This could be useful if you
> to make a CD with non-free parts on it, and force debootstrap to
> them, and install debs from them.

Am I wrong?

Ottavio Caruso

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