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Fixing d-c l10n bugs and SVN/CVS commit access

> Fixed dictionaries-common package (0.70.10) uploaded to sid this morning
> with medium urgency.

Agustin, does this version include all the pending debconf l10n
fixes ?

dictionaries-common appears on the l10n NMU page which lists all
packages with longstanding l10n bugs. I haven't lookes closely to it,

Actually, as d-c is listed in D-I "level5" packages, which means you
get a lot of debcofn translations for it, I think it would help if I
can get SVN commit access to your repository to be able to commit the
incoming translations and save you time...

If you do so, please add "cperrier-guest" and NOT "bubulle" as I have
reached a nasty limit on alioth which prevent people to commimt when
they're members of more than 16 groups..:-)

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