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Re: Dictionaries-common prompts users FIVE times during a default French desktop install

On Sat, Dec 02, 2006 at 09:39:50PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:

> Attached a partial log of an installation session. Note that no questions 
> were actually asked. I cannot seem to reproduce that behavior.
> However, I still get British as default even though the locale is en_US 
> (in d-i language was English and country Netherlands (NL)).
> I notice that during the first bit of configuration iamerican is not 
> mentioned at all.
> Could it be that you need to strip the postfix for the charset?
> In our experience you need to strip everything after both "." and "@".

Thanks for pointing out this, you are right. Only @.* is currently stripped.
For that reason, 'british' is selected because 'en_AU' is found first as a
possibility for 'en', so iamerican is not tried. Exact match failed before
because of the dot+charset.

Fixed dictionaries-common package (0.70.10) uploaded to sid this morning
with medium urgency.

> Question
> Am I correct that you now look first at the locale and only then at 
> language and country from the installer?

Yes, LANG is looked first if /etc/default/locale is there.

> Hope this helps. I can provide a full log if you want it.

No need for that (I hope), thanks for the feedback.


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