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Bug#401264: partman-auto-lvm: [powerpc, prep] On PReP systems, no separate /boot is needed, since we have the prep partition

On Sat, Dec 02, 2006 at 09:37:18AM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
Package: partman-auto-lvm
Version: 18
Severity: normal

Hello, ...

I am doing a prep install on my motorola powerstack II, and found that chosing
a LVM automated setup, the recipes automatically creates a separate /boot

On PReP system, the kernel with builtin initrd and bootwrapper is put inside
the PReP partition, so there is no need for a separate /boot outside the LVM.
This should be valid for other root on RAID and LVM+CRYPTO recipes.

Note that this requires changes to auto-lvm_tools.sh in partman-auto-lvm if /boot is excluded since it includes the following lines:

# Check if the scheme contains a boot partition; if not warn the user
if ! echo "$normalscheme" | grep -q "[[:space:]]/boot[[:space:]]"; then
	db_input critical partman-auto-lvm/no_boot || true
	db_go || return 30
	db_get partman-auto-lvm/no_boot || true
	[ "$RET" = true ] || return 30

David Härdeman

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