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Re: Bug#401296: [g-i] The point about bugs related to keyboard handling

Frans Pop wrote:
(Replying to the list as this does not really concern the BRs.)

On Monday 04 December 2006 15:10, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

I really wonder if we'll make in time for Etch to fix these bugs, and
if wouldn't be better concentrating on more severe bugs, like #373253
and #400898, which look like they can be easily fixed/workarounded in
the short term.

I agree, but as I've never said differently that can't come as a surprise :-)

Any news from dok about #373253? If not, I'll apply the workaround in the build system.

I'll ping him right now; about bugs i believe we can still fix/workaround before Etch release..


- fails to load on some machines with rgba pixel format

I believe we've found the cause of this (fb0 and fb1 swapped): i'll reply to #400898 with a simple workaround for this bug tomorrow if i can get my hands on the syslog file


As far as I'm concerned all these issues except the first (for which we have a fix, though it is a bit of a hack) could be ignored for Etch (and listed as errata if important enough). IMO it is more important now not to break things than to rush relatively untested fixes into the installer.

i agree

There is one issue where the gtk frontend behaves differently from the newt frontend, and that is while displaying titles during tasksel. You will see the title (top right on the screen) switch to the strangest texts. Cause seems to be the use of an obsoleted debconf TITLE command in packages that are being installed in /target. The newt frontend seems to ignore those (or at least does not display them this prominently). It would be nice to have this fixed before Etch as it causes some confusion with users.

looking at the newt frontend i see set_tile() is not implemented, while in the gtk frontend it is and window's title is updated *only* in set_title(). I guess in the newt frontend the main title is updated outside set_title() too, is this correct?
Should the GTK frontend behave in a similar way?


P.S. Attilio: I hope that also answers your recent private mail.

Sure, it does


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