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Bug#401315: installation-report: call of keyboard selection dialog

> When I start installation with "install" aka default
> priority and I choose to change the language/country/
> locale/keyboard layout in a later step of installation (let's
> say before configuring the network), the following happens:
> - I select "Choose language" from the main menu.
> - Then dialog "Choose country" appears.
> - Then dialog "Choose locale" appears.
> - Then dialog "Choose other locales to support" appears.
> - After that dialog for configuring network appears again.
> Shouldn't the dialog for selecting keyboard layout be displayed
> automatically, too? (in the first run it did, while the
> locale related dialogs did not appear!)

That's normal behaviour. the keymap selection dialog belongs to
kbd-chooser, which you have "configured" when you ran it the first
time....so main-menu skips it after you run the Choose language (aka
localechooser) option again.

After you ran it once, you must re-select it manually from the main
menu of you want to run it again.

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