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Bug#401315: installation-report: call of keyboard selection dialog

Package: installation-reports
Severity: minor


while doing a test related to different keymaps, I noticed,
that the dialog for selecting the keyboard layout is not
called everytime when it should.

When I start installation with "install" aka default
priority and I choose to change the language/country/
locale/keyboard layout in a later step of installation (let's
say before configuring the network), the following happens:

- I select "Choose language" from the main menu.
- Then dialog "Choose country" appears.
- Then dialog "Choose locale" appears.
- Then dialog "Choose other locales to support" appears.
- After that dialog for configuring network appears again.

Shouldn't the dialog for selecting keyboard layout be displayed
automatically, too? (in the first run it did, while the
locale related dialogs did not appear!)

Kind regards

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