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Re: No prep kernels in daily installer images?

On Friday 01 December 2006 20:48, Ulrich Teichert wrote:
> today, I downloaded the latest netinst and business card image daily
> uilds of the debian installer for powerpc. Is it right that there are
> no prep kernels on it? On my recently acquired powerstack I can't boot
> install/powerpc/vmlinux, nor the ppc64 kernel (well, this expected,
> yes). However, there are prep udebs on the CD, so do I miss something
> obvious?

There have been no recent daily d-i builds for powerpc due to networking 
problems with the DD that builds them for us.
Only when that is solved we can add support for prep in debian-cd. What 
you currently see are only a few random udebs that are copied onto the CD 
by default. Real support still needs to be added.

So, some patience please. Hopefully this will be sorted out by early next 


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