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Bug#394970: Please, add credits for patch while closing #394970

On Thursday 30 November 2006 18:02, Fabio Tranchitella wrote:
>   do you mind to retroactively modify the changelog for the upload 2.6
> of finish-install to credit Sven Luther about the patch he submitted? I
> do not want to be pedantic, and I know that you modified and fixed his
> patch, but I think it would be correct considering that in the same
> changelog entry you already cite the names of the translators who
> submitted the updates.

No sorry.
The patch that was applied was not Sven's patch, but a patch I basically 
created myself from scratch. Sven's patch was broken (/etc/inittab would 
not have had the correct line) and had unnecessary code duplication (as 
he indicated himself).

So, IMO there is no need to credit him for the patch and we normally don't 
credit people just for submitting a bug report.

The citing of translators is automated and is a completely different issue 
and they actually do write and commit the changes they are credited for.

Sven has always been correctly credited for any patches he's submitted or 
work he's contributed.


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