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Bug#399687: installation report: low memory install: grub missing

Hi Holger,

On Tuesday 21 November 2006 12:05, Holger Wansing wrote:
> First: is there a problem with building d-i daily builds?
> And also the file lsb-release says:
> 	DISTRIB_RELEASE="3.1 (installer build 20061102)

Not so much a problem as an omission to switch back to sid_d-i for daily 
images after RC1. Should not make a real difference though as there were 
no real changes yet since RC1.
Fixed now; thanks for spotting this.

> Comments/Problems:
> Huh, I got a new test machine :-)
> 233MHz Laptop with 32 MB RAM and 4 GB disc.

You've got a funny sense of "new" ;-)

> 2.	Question whether clock is set to utc or not was not asked
> 	in default install. Is that correct?

Yes. Whether the question is asked or not and what the default is depends 
on the architecture and what other operating systems are found during 
installation. Install at priority=medium if you really want to see the 

> 3.	I installed from a netinst cd and only wanted to install a
> 	minimal system, so without any other package source. But it
> 	seems there is no grub or lilo existing on the netinst cds.
> 	From syslog:
> "Package grub has no installation candidate
> Package grub is not available, but is referred to by another
> package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been
> obsoleted, or is only available from another source
> Calling 'apt-install grub' failed"
> 	Therefore it is not possible to get a working system without
> 	additional package source. ???
> 	If this is no error, there should be some documentation
> 	changed about this.

This is strange. Both grub and lilo _are_ included on netinst CDs for both 
i386 and amd64 (just checked this for current daily built netinst).
Looks to me like apt-setup failed to add the CD as a source (and currently 
it should be added). Can't verify that from the syslog though.

Can you check that lilo and grub are on the image you used?
(find /cdrom/pool/ -name lilo_* -o -name grub_*)

What was the /etc/apt/sources.list immediately after the installation?
(Or /target/etc/apt/sources.list after apt-setup is run if you want to 
check during the installation.)

You have some strange timestamp errors in your syslog. Was the hardware 
clock not set correctly?


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