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Bug#340007: Patch for this bug available

Frans Pop wrote:
On Tuesday 14 November 2006 11:02, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

ATM i don't see any definitive solution to this , but i have a small
workaround: what about selecting default line and then scrolling
instead of scrolling and then select default line (as it is now)?
User would perceive only scrolling effect, instead of scrolling + line

Your last commit seems to have broken the gtk frontend. I get an error code 141 in localechooser before the language list is shown. The frontend gets restarted. Strangely enough if I boot with priority=medium and skip localechooser, kbd-chooser works correctly.

I've been able to reproduce such a similar crash: just after tasksel has run, when control comes back to main-menu -> i guess the crash is due to the single SELECT handler. However, testing the frontend in such a late installation step takes a lot of time at each test run, it would be very useful being able to reproduce this at language or keyboard selection step.



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